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your rights as a renter

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13/04/2012 · Find out what your rights are as a tenant. Learn specific laws that provide protection for tenants and get tips for protecting renter's rights. › Article Center › Real Estate › Tenants

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If your application to rent an apartment is rejected, you have a right to know why. It is illegal for a landlord to refuse your rental application for discriminatory ... › Landlord Tenant Law

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Renters rights are also known as tenant rights: the basic rights that tenant has when renting residential property from the landlord. › … › Politics and Government › US Constitution

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03/09/2017 · Rent: are there any circumstances where the landlord has to give me a break on paying the rent? A: ... you have the right to have your rent pro-rated, ...

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If you think that your rights as a renter in Colorado have ... She's been writing for more than five years and has contributed to ... "A Renter's Rights in ...

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Welcome to the Tenant Rights section of FindLaw's Real Estate Center, providing information and resources for tenants (also referred to as renters). Whether you › Landlord Tenant Law